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Commander Report
Prepared by Paul Knightly

Crew 143 rendezvoused in Grand Junction throughout the day yesterday (11/14/14). As we met and got
to know one another, we refined our schedule for departure as we discussed our plans for MDRS among
ourselves. Our initial departure time from Grand Junction was set for between 0900 and 1000 hours
today. As we were meeting in the morning and packing our bags, one of our crew members discovered
they had misplaced his passport. We conducted a thorough search of locations that we had visited in
Grand Junction since they last remembered seeing it, but to no avail. We ultimately left contact
information with the hotel, two restaurants, and the local police department in the event that it
shows up.

We made a quick stop at Wal Mart to get some last minute gear and then left Grand Junction without
further delay around 1100. After a lunch stop in Green River, we pushed through our last leg of the
drive and arrived at MDRS around 1500. We met with Crew 142, who had left simulation on the evening
of 11/14/14.
Crew 142 generously gave us a tour of the Habitat and updated us on some of the issues and
troubleshooting they had conducted on some of the systems during their stay, including the lavatory,
heating, ATV’s, and EVA radios. We were given a demonstration on how to operate each of the ATV’s
and informed of the performance “quirks” of each one. 

Crew 142 Commander Digby Tarvin gave me a thorough debrief on reporting responsibilities and we
discussed both Sim expectations and building an efficient daily schedule for the crew to follow to
maintain effective communication and efficiency during our stay.  A resupply trip was made from 1630
to 1815 by members from Crews 142 and 143 to get a fresh stock of food from Hanksville. Chuck
Killian gave us a formal CAPCOM briefing on procedures for while we are at MDRS.

Crew 142 will spend one more night in their respective state rooms and Crew 143 will sleep on
available floor space for the night. We will wrap up transition activities tomorrow morning and
after meeting among ourselves and coordinating with Mission Control, we will set the earliest
possible time for entering Sim and will update on my next daily report.