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Journalist Report,
Prepared by Anastasia Stepanova,

After 1,5 day of travel, from snowy vast forests to red rocky desert finally I  was getting closer to my space adventure. Hanksville is the closest civilization to our station. Little town with population of 250 people is where we picked up our food supply and head further. Rocky desert changes kilometer after kilometer, from red, brown to white. You can imagine yourself as one of astronauts from Apollo mission passing by white layered rocks or as at first manned spaceship flying around Mars. Finally we see small observatory and surprisingly big Mars Desert Research Station. Previous crew 142 was waiting for us to pass the baton, that what we thought, but by the time we got inside nobody came downstairs. For a second we worried what happened, but eventually crew 142 was alive, healthy and ready to give us all the instructions. They passed through some troubles fixing equipment in hub and making it more comfortable. Less that we could do to show gratitude is to offer them a dinner since today they are not on the simulation. Soon we need to sort out how 12 people will sleep in one space, probably our crew will be in sleeping bags on the floor and after crew 142 will departure tomorrow we will move into our small comfy rooms. Let the journey begin!