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Engineering Report


Alexandre Mangeot


ATVs maintenance.

The ATV #3 was not starting.

When starting ATV #3 was tried, the sound was like no fuel flowing to the engine. Whatever the choker position, it was not starting.

Then it has been found that the engine idling speed was too low (the adjustment knob seemed to be at the lowest position). The engine idling speed has been tune up and the engine ignited almost properly. When the knob is turned too much it seems that too much power is drawn from the battery (which makes sense if the idle speed is set too high) and the engine does not start. So the adjustment knob must be in a proper position now.

It has also been noticed that when the fuel valve is in reserve position, the engine starts much better than when the valve is in the regular tank position. Impurities in the regular tank that could prevent the engine starts properly might be considered. Once the engine is working and warm, it keeps running with the valve in the regular tank position.

Finally, the throttle lever free play has been tuned to avoid the engine to stall when the lever is not pushed.

So now the ATV #3 is starting and working properly. An ultimate trial should be done tomorrow morning when the engine will be fully cold (this evening it gets warm thanks to the tests).

The throttle levers free play on ATV #1 and #2 have been also tuned a bit to avoid their engines to stall easily. At this end of this evening the 4 blue ATVs were working well.

Engineering Report 1116 from Ian Silversides

Set a mouse trap last night. Tested it on my finger (it works). Caught a
rat. Realizing that the trap does not differentiate mice from men, pondered
about my place in the Great Galactic Pecking Order.

Started ATVs per recommendation of CO based on his past experience at MDRS.
Is a daily ATV check required?

All ATVs started. With help of CO, ATV 3 blue started. Refer to CO report
for a detailed description work on ATV 3.

ATV owner’s manual was consulted.

When reading the propane tank level, a propane odor was noticed. A 5% fuel
level drop from yesterday’s reading (Nov 14) is reported. Based on crew
142’s engineer’s comments during crew transfer, this appears to be a
significant drop. No propane odor was noticed yesterday. Please inform if
an action is required.

Water pooling by the Hab airlock (south side) is noted and will be
monitored. The pool of water was there upon arrival (Nov 14). Its source is
surely collected rain water but this is unconfirmed. Please see attached

Trailer water tank: 30% (all other tanks full)

Propane tank: 25%

Diesel tank: 75%

Monitoring of water usage started today.

Addition to yesterday’s (Nov 14) engineering report:
With help of crew 142’s science officer, checked air filters on all blue
ATVs. Per recommendations of ATV maintenance book, used filter cleaner.
Tires inflated to recommended pressure. ATV blue 1 has a bent left rear
tire which crew 142 reported as a discomfort.