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HealthSafety Report


Paul Sokoloff


Crew 143's first full day in hab started very early with a resounding "SNAP".  At approximately 2 AM one of the rat traps in the living quarters (under the desk in the kitchen) caught one of the rats that have been roaming abut the hab for the last while, eliminating at least one potential health risk.  We thank Carmel and Ian for disposing of the rat in the wee hours of the morning.

The day proper began with seeing off crew 143, who departed the hab in the early morning.  Shortly thereafter crew 143 received the coordinates of the Flight Surgeon for our rotation, and launched a successful test of the Remote Medicine System.  

The early afternoon saw crew 143 meeting to set up our sim.  I briefed the crew on the health and safety concerns that could arise in the hab, and the preventative steps I would take to minimize health risks (counter sterilization, washroom cleanliness, etc.). We decided to initiate a fire drill and various health emergency drills once in sim, following a comprehensive First Aid briefing I will provide as soon as possible.  Post dinner, crew 143 was familiarized with the location of all the Fire extinguishers, the First Aid supplies, and the hab evacuation route and protocol.  

Crew is in good health and high spirits - and will likely sleep soundly after an intense day of planning.