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Eva Report
Paul Sokoloff
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We set out on EVA to gain experience working with the suits while pursuing 3 objectives: conducting geological sampling in the vicinity of MDRS, conducting biological sampling in the vicinity of MDRS, and allowing the crew engineer to conduct daily maintenance tasks.
The EVA team (Paul Knightly, Ian Silversides, Paul Sokoloff, Anastasiya Stepanova) began EVA prep and 9:15 AM, and departed the airlock at 9:55 AM.  While Paul Knightly and Paul Sokoloff paired up to conduct biological and geological sampling to the west and north of the hab, Anastasiya and Ian stayed hear the hab for maintenance.  Paul S collected 16 samples of various plants and lichens.  Paul K collected various soil and mineral samples.  Ian verified the fuel and water levels, removed the hab trash, and filled in the pool of standing water under ATV one with Anastasiya's help.  Anastasiya took photos for her outreach projects, and searched for meteorites.  During this time, Ian and Paul S took physiological measurements for Alexandre's research project.  We encountered issues with helmet fogging that we will attempt to ameliorate on future EVAS.