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Science Report
Paul Knightly

The scope of today’s research was to establish any boundaries or limitations to the science program
that has been proposed. Work on EVA-1 involved a number of activities to reach this end. The first
activity performed was a mobility study by hand augering while wearing the spacesuit. No apparent
inhibitions to effectively carrying out this task were identified.
The second activity was collecting samples and proved to be more difficult than planned. Samples
were to be stored in zip-lock bags, which are very hard to open while wearing gloves. On future
EVA’s, it is proposed that the zip-lock bags will be pre-opened in the Hab to eliminate this challenge.
Finally, the scope of research that has been proposed will involve traversing distances up to 1 km
from the Habitat by foot. The variety of landscapes and features inspected today went to show that
it is easy to become fatigued while wearing the spacesuit, so future EVA’s should take this into
account. To counter future fatigue, it is proposed that the habitat wheelbarrow be used on longer
traverses to haul equipment such as hand augers, soil core samplers, and their associated supplies.
The plan for tomorrow is to begin the prime scope of research by collecting hand auger and soil core
samples at two locations of interest in the hills 100 meters west of the Hab. The gas vapor probe
will be installed and soil vapor readings will be taken to ascertain any differences associated with
the weathered shale and sandstone lithologies present.