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HealthSafety Report
Paul Sokoloff

The crew is healthy and happy.  Today was the first EVA for crew 143, the crew consisting of Paul Knightly, Ian Silversides, Anastasiya Stepanova, and myself departed for an approx. 2 hour EVA at 9:55 AM.  We quickly realized that helmet fogging will be a large concern for future EVA teams - we encountered reduced visibility - posing a potential risk.  We plan to test two different methods for eliminating helmet fog on the next EVA - a silica gel packet and a magnetic wiper.

The EVA progressed well - though we noticed that given the nice weather, the team heated up quite a bit and became winded more easily than usual when hiking up hills.  As such, we will brief the team on the symptoms and treatment of heat exhaustion as a precautionary measure. 

Post EVA, I conducted a basic unannounced fire drill with the team.  They responded admirably and assembled at the interior of the airlock in good time.  Future drills will involve more complexity to test the team's responses in a variety of situations.

On a final note, we are happy to report that the plumbing tricks passed on by crew 142 have helped us mitigate somewhat the ongoing plumbing issues, at least until the toilet is properly cleared.