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Science Report
Alexandre Mangeot

For the first EVA, I have asked to members to wear the sphygmomanometers and try to activate them.
It appears that it is very hard to do it under the suit and with the glove.

I have open up one of sphygmomanometers and see if I can sold wires in parallel of the buttons. It
worked well, the only problem is that I have not figured out how to build push button out cardboard,
tape, etc.

Tomorrow, my experiment about soil sampling learning begins. I have to do it on three left
sphygmomanometers before morning. That should take me an hour or two this evening.

Regarding the temperature and humidity sensors, they have been taped on the helmet. Thanks to the
EVA I can tell that they will provide good information about the physical stress of the member
during EVA. The drawback is that the screen is a bit too close of the eyes to have a proper focus on it.