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Science Report
Paul Knightly

Today was spent prepping for additional EVAs based on the findings of yesterday’s activities. Among
the findings noted yesterday was the need to have equipment and supplies in a user-ready position
prior to the start of the EVA. The biggest hindrance to effectively working is the limited dexterity
associated with wearing gloves. Most of the samples collected on EVA are to be stored in standard
Ziploc bags to preserve the sample. A tradeoff in this case is to minimally open the Ziploc bags in
the lab and seal them in a larger 1-gallon bag, which has proven less difficult to open while
wearing gloves.
Based on observed field conditions, I prepared standardized field forms to fill out as the EVA
progresses, both to minimize the amount of time spent writing and to improve the overall legibility
of field notes. While much of the soil logging and rock cataloguing I need for my research can be
accomplished in the lab at the Hab or on Earth, the need to collect detailed notes in the field is
critical. Parameters that will be gathered in the field include sample names, sample locations in
UTM coordinates, and readings from a photo-ionization detector.
I also spent some time in practice using the soil core sampler I brought while wearing space gloves,
as I did not have the chance to field test it yesterday. Between that practice and organizing my
field gear into a bucket that I can easily tote around on EVA, I am confident that tomorrow’s
planned activities can go off without a hitch and will be as productive as possible, both
technically and scientifically.