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Journalist's Report


Anastasiya Stepanova

Third night at MDRS and no dreams about Mars. But it is on our mind every time we discuss details of our life here. First Aid training has started by Paul S. - what would we do if we encounter heat exhaustion/heat stroke in EVA. We came to interesting discussion, should we consider first aid in simulation conditions or in real Martian condition. Because if you feel heat exhaustion, it is recommended to stop simulation, take off the helmet and get to the station, but if it is on Mars you would die straight away. It is an interesting aspect to consider and maybe a future research work for Mars Society volunteers.

For the past few days, we have been sitting a lot and started to have sore back, so physical exercise were on the list. Paul K. showed his way of getting fit and Paul S. performed as true yoga instructor. Both activities were interesting and diverse. If we continue doing that every day space suit will feel like you just put on the winter jacket.

It is amazing to live here, not only from the science and space aspect, but also from the human studies aspect.  Different cultures, different professions, different languages. Each of us learns new things from the other crew members whether it is cooking or science experiments. What is Canadian, French, American or Russian humor? Well we will find out!

Human factor is crucial in any science, space expeditions and nobody wants to face scenario out of a science-fiction movie, where someone goes crazy. So far we feel no stress, intensity or irritation, we are all united by one goal and this is a great motivation. Day by day we discover new little details in every crew personality and this makes it an amazing journey!