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Commander Report
Paul Knightly

Today was a successful day in the Hab and on EVA. For all of us on EVA, it was the first opportunity
to implement research programs that have long been in preparation. The EVA today lasted for
approximately 2 hours late in the morning and involved a combination of science and engineering
The entire EVA crew (Paul Knightly, Anastasiya, Claude-Michel, and Ian) participated in an
experiment for Alexandre’s Soil Sampling Learning Program (SSLP), in which crew members were timed
on how long it took for them to collect a soil sample by hand auger, all the while having their
vital signs monitored as well as the ambient air temperature and humidity in their spacesuits.
Following the conclusion of the experiment, the crew split up. Ian and Anastasiya worked on the
ATV’s and conducted a structural inspection of the Hab while Paul K. and Claude-Michel collected
subsurface soil samples for geological analysis.
The samples collected were far from what was anticipated, and so for the last 45 minutes the EVA
crew trekked to a dry creek bed to the east of the Hab. A suitable site was identified to collect
additional subsurface samples in the future and Anastasiya was able to continue her search for
meteorites. The EVA concluded shortly before noon without incident.
The crew spent the remainder of the afternoon working through data collected during the EVA and
tending to their experiments. Some of the crew also cleaned the living and lab spaces of the Hab as
well as started taking quick, 2-minute “Navy” showers. For all of us, Saturday morning was our last
chance to take a full shower that didn’t involve baby wipes or dry shampoo so shower day has been
welcomed with open arms. We have additional EVA activities planned for tomorrow and are looking
forward to furthering our research at MDRS.