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Eva Report


Paul Knightly

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There were three primary objectives with today's EVA:

1. Perform a field test for Alexandre's SSLP research

2. Collect subsurface soil samples for Paul K's geology research program

3. Perform engineering inspection of Hab exterior for Ian's research

4. Perform daily inspection of ATV's

5. Look for meteorites for Anastasiya's research


Total estimated time outside: 2 hours


After we exited the Hab, Ian and Claude-Michel set about setting up the water pump to transfer water from the trailer into the Hab's external water tank. Meanwhile, Paul and Anastasiya staged soil sampling equipment about 40 meters to the west of the Hab.


Once the work area was set up, Ian and Claude-Michel joined Paul/Anastasiya at the drilling location to perform Alexandre's SSLP test which involved collecting soil samples out of a hand auger. Once completed, Ian/Anastasiya set about inspecting the ATV's and Ian performed a structural inspection of the Hab. Paul and Claude-Michel set about collecting soil core samples for the geological program.


With all required work completed, there was time remaining for the EVA crew to visit the dry creek about 50-100 meters east of the Hab. This allowed for Paul to inspect the creek bed for viability as a future sampling location and for Anastasiya to look for meteorites. The EVA completed on time after almost exactly 2 hours outside.

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Collected subsurface soil samples for Paul's geology research and Alexandre's SSLP research

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Scouted drilling locations for geological research, looked for meteorites

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Check In North Four:


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