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GreenHab Report


Claude-Michel Laroche

Current Temperature:


Minimum Temperature:


Maximum Temperature:


Current Humidity:


Minimum Humidity:


Maximum Humidity:


Hydro Tank Level:


Hydro Tank P H:


Hydro Tank Temp F:


Hydro Tank Over Flow:


Plant Report:

2014-2015 season lettuce:

Sprouting has started on some of the seed. (NB as far as we can see) They were again transported back to the Hab at 5 pm since temperatures are still really close to 32F at night. Last night was the warmest since we started our rotation. I will evaluate the situation on a daily basis.


Watering Activity Notes:

2014-2015 season lettuce:

The simulated regulate with the lettuce seeds were watered in the evening.

Heater Activity Notes:

Heaters were remove at 0800 this morning and turned back on at 17h00.

Fan Activity Notes:

The fan did not run today.

Hydroponic Time:


Hydroponic Duration:


Hydroponic Kw H:


Led Lamp Time:


Led Lamp Duration:


Led Lamp Kw H:


Maintenance Report:


Supplies Request: