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Science Report


Paul Knightly


Today was another productive day of sample collection and analysis, both in the field and in the lab. I collected about 8 unique surface samples and collected 2 hand auger samples from an alluvial fan feature I identified two days ago. The alluvial features were quite striking in both their composition and differences from one another, given a close proximity of only about 10 feet. I was able to auger to just over a foot deep and could have probably augured deeper, but had difficulty ascertaining if I was hitting bedrock or gravel that kept sloughing into my borehole.

I built a sample database in place of repairing the soil core sampler today, which was much needed to ensure accurate documentation of sample collection locations. I will attempt to fix the sampler this evening but still have a couple of days before I will be using it again. I may bring my gas vapor probe on tomorrow’s EVA. I will not be able to sample due to ATV load restrictions, but I can test the technical feasibility and limitations of installing it in different sedimentary conditions.