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Science Report


Claude-Michel Laroche


Today, several other crew members and myself participated in the evaluation of the creation guide. I used the Soil Sample Learning Project lead by Alexander Mangeot to do some density measurement, and Paul Solokoff's Floristic Diversity of Mars Analog Sites project.


In the case of Alexandre's project i was the only one to attempt it so the results will have to wait tomorrow so enough data will be processed.


Paul Solokoff's project consisted of two different processes to analyse. The first one was about sampling plants, lichen or moss found while in EVA. The second was about processing what we found previously for long term storage. While only a few of us were able to do some sampling at least half the crew attempted the processing guide.


All the data of all the experiments aren't totally analyse, and required more participation to fully mean something. While not entirely completed the first half of the two week process shown some flaws and uniformity in the creation process. I will attempt to correct them in the next version which should be ready for this coming Sunday.