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Commander Report
Prepared by Paul Knightly

Productive EVA’s have been the theme this mission, and today was no exception. The EVA team, which included Alexandre Mangeot, Paul Sokoloff, Ian Silversides, and myself, visited a target called Tank Wash, which is approximately 3 km from our Hab. It offered not only great scientific results but was also among the more scenic EVA’s thus far and showed off some of the beautiful landscapes that
surround us.
After returning to the Hab, it was another busy afternoon of lab work for the crew. There are a couple of human studies experiments being conducted which has required participation from the crew which kept several members busy this afternoon as well. Supplies to finish building the tunnel from the Hab to the Observatory arrived from Earth during the afternoon. We will check and inventory the supplies during tomorrow’s EVA and are already planning on how best to construct the tunnel.
We’ve been monitoring weather forecasts passed on by Mission Control that indicate a cold front will be passing over the Hab overnight and bring with it the coldest temperatures of our mission. Checks by the engineering team has shown the radiation shielding and other insulating barriers of the Habitat to be in good condition and we have two heaters in the GreenHab to keep the temperatures up
at night. 
Tomorrow, I will be having a much needed day of rest after 4 days straight of EVA’s which will give me time tomorrow to catch up on science work in the lab.