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Engineering Report 1122 from Ian Silversides


Engineering Report


Prepared by Ian Siversides


Trailer water tank: 40/40 in 

Hab outside tank: HIGH

Hab inside tank: FULL

Propane tank: 17%

Generator diesel: 65%


Yesterday’s waster use: 23 L/person, our personal record. No showers; no shower grey water. 

Today’s current waster use: 18 L/person (will increase).


All blue ATVs taken out on EVA and functioned well. 


A pool of standing water was noticed again during EVA and was subsequently filled with regolith, see pictures. 


During EVA, the pump failed to transfer water from the trailer water tank to the Hab outside water tank. Post Eva troubleshooting: the pump works, all electrical breakers in the “on” position. Suspected problem: defective electrical extension cord. A backup extension cord will be used on next EVA.


The caulking in the shower is now dry and ready for use.