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Commander Report
Paul Knightly

We sent an away team to explore the easternmost area near our Habitat. The EVA team took an unexplored loop and collected a variety of biological and geological samples across the varied terrain. Reports of dry washes and dune fields pose a unique target for additional geological exploration on my part should time allow.
An inventory of the newly delivered panels was made at the end of the EVA and plans are currently in the works to begin installation of the panels on the tunnel to the observatory starting on Wednesday. Two additional scientific EVA’s are planned for the week ahead on Monday and Tuesday to conduct remaining engineering and human studies and to collect a final suite of biological and geological samples before we depart.
The cold front that moved through over night caused quite a ruckus with gusty winds but aside from occasional and sometimes uncomfortable rattling, the Hab stood strong. Mid-mission engineering and health and safety checks that were performed yesterday show the Hab to be in good condition and a list of supplies that the next crew will need shall be provided by midweek. The crew has been
committed to responsible use of expendable resources from water and food down to our daily satellite data allotment.
Time has flown by and it’s hard to think that our mission is already half over. We have one final week left on Mars before our relief crew arrives and everyone is certainly planning to make the most of the time they have left.