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GreenHab Report


Claude-Michel Laroche

Current Temperature:


Minimum Temperature:


Maximum Temperature:


Current Humidity:


Minimum Humidity:


Maximum Humidity:


Hydro Tank Level:


Hydro Tank P H:


Hydro Tank Temp F:


Hydro Tank Over Flow:


Plant Report:

Plant Report:

Sprouts of lettuce are growing still. If the lettuces keep the same pace of growing will have something great to pass on the next crew in less than a week.

The seeds will stay in the greenhouse for the whole night again tonight, since the minimum temperature in the greenhab keeps rising as days passes even if the maximum temperature keep lowering.


Watering Activity Notes:

2014-2015 season lettuce:

The simulated regulate with the lettuce seeds were watered in the evening.


Heater Activity Notes:

Heaters were remove at 0800 this morning and turned back on at 17h00.

Fan Activity Notes:

The fan did not run today.

Hydroponic Time:


Hydroponic Duration:


Hydroponic Kw H:


Led Lamp Time:


Led Lamp Duration:


Led Lamp Kw H:


Maintenance Report:


Supplies Request: