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GreenHab Report
Claude-Michel Laroche

As asked last night, here the requested information about the 2014-2015 season lettuce. A total of 72 cubes were sowed separated in 2 trays. As of last night 54 (75%) cubes had at least one sprout growing. Out of these 54 cubes, 30 (41.67% of the total of cubes or 55.55% of the cubes were sprouting has been observed) of them had more than one seeds growing at the same time. In most of the case, when more than one seed was growing in a single cube, the strongest seed was obvious to determine. This was the case in 22 cubes out of the 30 (73.33%) where the situation was present.

As of tonight we now have 72 cubes with sprouting lettuces in them (100% of the total available cubes). From the total available cubes, only 8 of them have more than one lettuce sprout. The reason of this is because it was not obvious which of the sprouts were the strongest. In all 8 situations they were all about the same height and size and all growing from the middle of their own cube. In the most extreme case one of them even have 4 sprouts in that situation, and another one only has one sprout growing centers and one growing from the side of the cube.

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Plant Report:
2014-2015 season lettuce:
Sprouts of lettuce are growing still
Watering Activity Notes:
The simulated regulate with the lettuce seeds were watered in the evening.
Heater Activity Notes:
Heaters were remove at 0800 this morning and turned back on at 17h30.
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The fan did not run today.
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