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Engineering Report


Ian Siversides


Trailer water tank: 27/40 in

Propane tank: 15%

Generator diesel: 55%


Yesterday’s waster use: 41 L/person (1 shower, plumbing issues).

Today’s current waster use (will increase): 23 L/person. The Paris match reporters were also using water.


Standing water was observed again on the South side of the Hab. As it has not been raining and as morning condensation is not a likely source, it is probable that the water is coming from the Hab. This should be monitored by following crews. See attached photo.


In preparation for tunnel construction, 22 panels were laid out on the way to the observatory. A single panel was attached to the posts in order to validate whether construction is appropriate during EVAs. An estimated 40 panels remain in the pile. Construction will begin tomorrow.


The solar panel installed to the west of the Green hab was noticed to be pointing West. It was rotated by hand to point South. It was very easy to rotate; presumably it was blown by the wind. See attached photo.


Space pack 3 was used on EVA. Its battery power was found to be sufficient for a 2h EVA. A longer EVA is not recommended with this pack.