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HealthSafety Report
Paul Sokoloff
Crew 143 are happy and healthy.  During dinner prep one crew member burned the tip of their finger on a pot handle.  The crew member immediately iced the burn, upon inspection the burn was found to be very minor (small and superficial). The HSO applied a 2nd Skin burn pad and a bandage to the digit, and the crewmember reports that the finger feels better.  This only leaves one moist burn dressing in the hab, these should be restocked when possible. 

While searching through the first aid supplies for the burn dressing the HSO noted that the present cabinet is quite overfilled with supplies, making organization for easy retrieval of supplies difficult.  The HSO recommends adding a second first aid cabinet, or several wall mounted boxes, to mitigate this problem.  In the interim the HSO will undertake to organize the cabinet to the best currently possible.