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Science Report


Paul Knightly

In-Sim research activities concluded today and the initial assessment of the data that I’ve gathered is promising. While some hypotheses coming into the mission held true, some were refuted and will provide a valuable learning experience as I prepare to build a longer-term research program that could be implemented at MDRS or at F-MARS. For my remaining two days here at MDRS, I will conduct a few additional tests out of Sim aimed at gathering more samples that will aid in reinforcing those that I collected while in Sim.

I have started building a sample database that I will reference in the month’s ahead as I write a final report on my research activities. This report is intended to serve two purposes: to lay a framework for building a comprehensive sampling and research strategy for F-MARS and to present my findings in a format appropriate for publication should the opportunity present itself. For the near term, I intend to share the findings of my work with my employer in the form of a presentation after I return to Kansas City in addition to further analysis of the data that I gathered here.