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Crew 144


Gregory Leonard is commander for Mars Society's MDRS Crew 144, and a finalist for the 2015-16 Mars Arctic 365 mission in the Canadian high arctic. He is currently a geologist / research scientist at the University of Arizona, Department of Hydrology & Water Resources where he provides remote sensing expertise, and conducts field and satellite-based investigations of alpine glaciers and hazards for the Global Land Ice Measurements from Space project (GLIMS). His current field areas include the Nepal Himalaya and Alaska. Working previously for the mineral exploration industry Mr. Leonard has extensive international field geologic and project management experience and has contributed to the discovery and development of world class precious and base metal deposits in Indonesia and Mongolia. His planetary research focus includes Mars geologic studies, and prior to this, observational surveys for asteroids and comets; he is credited with the discovery of 10 new asteroids. He lives with his wife Barbara in Tucson, Arizona and he enjoys climbing, public education and awareness activities, astronomy, adventure travel, and writing.


Heidi Beemer is the executive officer and Green Hab officer of crew 144. Heidi is a 25 year old 1st Lieutenant in the United States Army. She is a Chemical Defense Officer in the 63d Chemical Company at Fort Campbell, KY.

Originally from Virginia Beach, VA, at 17 she conducted her first NASA internship at NASA Langley in Hampton, VA working on NASA’s Orion capsule as part of the constellation project. Upon graduation at the Math and Science Academy at Ocean Lakes High School, she accepted a Division 1 Soccer Scholarship at the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington VA. In 2010, she became a member of the Space Exploration Academy at the NASA Ames Research facility in Mountain View, CA. While a research assistant she worked with Dr. Nathalie Cabrol looking at the geology and hydrology potential of Newton Crater for a future robotic mission. Heidi also worked as the scientific lead on LAMBDA, a microbial fuel cell capable of detecting life on other planets. Her involvements in this project lead to her to become the executive officer of crew 99 at the Mars Desert Research Station. Beemer graduated with Honors in Chemistry and Astronomy after presenting her thesis on Lanthanide Liquid Crystals.

Upon graduation, Heidi Beemer accepted a commission in the United States Army and today she works as a Decontamination Platoon Leader. She is currently certified As a Hazardous Materials Technician and Radiation Safety Officer. In pursuit of her dream of becoming an Astronaut to go to Mars, Heidi is currently one of 633 people across the world currently in the Dutch Non-Profit Mars-One’s Astronaut Candidate pool. Heidi enjoys Rock climbing, snowboarding, and white water rafting in her free time. She is also active in her community of Clarksville, TN where she currently lives.


Susan Jewell MD, is a space physician-scientist, biomedical engineer, a veteran Mars Desert Research Station MDRS Analog Astronaut (Commander MarsWithoutBorders Crew145 and Crew Health & Safety Officer with MarsUK Crew134) & Commercial Astronaut-in-training (a member of Astronaut-4-Hire, A4H). Training in survival skills, extreme environments and pilot training for Low Earth Orbit missions, LEO, and future deep space missions with long-term goal to colonize Mars. Trained at NASA Johnson Space Center and University of Texas Medical Branch, UTMB, Space Medicine Program. Dr Jewell is an alumni of International Space University,ISU, Space Studies Program SPP14 and Founder and Commander, MarsWithoutBorders, MWOB, Expedition 1, a team of scientists, creative artists working to develop technologies for future Mars settlement. Susan is shortlisted as "highly qualified" for NASA Hawaii Space Exploration Analogue Simulation, HISEAS. Trained as a Scientist in Depart of Molecular Therapeutics & Drug Discovery, National Cancer Institute, NIH and UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine,. A TV/radio/social media Expert (CBS, Fox, ABC, NBC), Susan is the host of "The Space Clinic Show with Dr Jewell". A recipient of NIH fellowships: Cancer Research Training Award & National Research Scientist Award. She is a member of Aerospace Medical Association, Aerospace Human Factors Association, Space Medicine Association, Royal Aeronautical Society, Astronauts-4-hire, Mars Society. Ambassador for SARG (Commercial Spaceflight Federation) and Mars Initiative. Her mission is to expand space medicine, space neuro-psychology, telesurgery and biomedical research for deep space exploration, development of protocols and operational procedures for Lunar and Martian analog base stations. Dr Jewell's goal and vision is to support the overall mission for Humanity to "move beyond Earth's cradle" and one day to become a multi-planetary species.


Crew Engineer Victor Luo is a Human Interfaces Lead Engineer at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  Working with other NASA centers, Victor is leading the development of natural user interface technologies for commanding robot navigation and dexterous manipulation. In addition, Mr. Luo is managing partnerships with Mars Outreach and commercial vendors to create STEM-related interactive applications. Past experiences include planning & commanding of Mars spacecraft, operations of fractionated spacecraft, and 3D visualization of Mars terrain and rover telemetry.

He is excited to serve the crew of MDRS 144 and hopes to be a top candidate for MA365 as well as Mars One.


I do research in electroweak interactions for massive neutrinos in Astrophysics.I also do research in Astrobiology, since 1998 - at that time it was called Exobiology,at the Brazilian Center of Physics Research. I have been developing biogeochemical models for the study of the possibility of life on planet Mars, and on the moons Europa (of planet Jupiter), Titan and Enceladus (both of planet Saturn). I have also been conducting by myself some expeditions toremote lakes, seas and mountains, collecting samples with astrobiological interest.I like different musical styles - from Paul McCartney to African music, etc. - and artistic photography.  For me, photography is a way of capturing a tiny part of the beauty of Nature. I also like to travel, beaches, to dance (a bit), to swim, to play volley, scuba diving, and wish toenter in a private pilot flight course.


Yusuke Murakami from Yokohama, Japan is Advanced Architecture Designer and Writer. To find the limits of architecture, to draw the familiar life to a day in space, to design a serene relationship between home, to advance our habitat, that is the purpose he pursues extreme life. Previously he has been on expeditions in Syowa Station, East Antarctica, Everest B.C., Nepal, Mt.Fuji Weather Station, Japan, Shishapangma B.C., Tibet, and Isolation Chamber, JAXA Tsukuba Space Center, Japan. He enjoys mountain climbing, skiing, taking photograph and practicing Zen meditation in his spare time.


Juho Vehviläinen from Helsinki, Finland is a research scientist at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, Arctic research unit, working mostly with snow observations and modeling, field measuring stations, and remote sensing. He is also studying medicine at the University of Helsinki. He tries to divide his spare time between mountain biking and climbing. Previously he has been on expeditions in Svalbard, Arctic Canada and Dronning Maud
Land, Antarctica.

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