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Commander Report
Gregory Leonard

A spectacular sunrise marked the departure day of crew MDRS-143, and the beginning of our MDRS-144
crew and command takeover of the Habitat station. Their relatively early departure at 08:40 provided
us with considerable time to complete several important tasks today. All crew moved into their
staterooms; having a seven-person team, our seventh crew member will temporarily bunk in the lower
deck space until we complete the planned stateroom in the southwest quadrant of the loft level.

We completed inventory of our rotation food supply, digitized the inventory and stowed food in the
kitchen storage dividing items for use as breakfast, lunch/dinners and proteins. During an extensive
team meeting, we reviewed and discussed the overall scope and responsibilities for crew member
roles, and our views and strategies relating to the use of Hab resources, namely water use and
internet (see Engineering report for internet monitoring); we have devised some potentially novel
water conservation procedures (to be documented). Additionally we individually shared our
anticipations and expectations for our mission, and acknowledged each other’s objectives and purpose
for this project.

We held four mini-workshops relating to Hab systems and procedures. These included 1) introduction
to Hab health and safety issues which included a review of emergency procedures (e.g. Hab exits,
location and use of fire- extinguishers, in-Sim and out-of-Sim emergency meeting point, hygiene,
etc); 2) daily engineering checks overview (checking propane, and diesel fuel levels, and Hab water
levels);  3) introduction to using EVA space suits, radios and comms (several crew practiced putting
suits on and taking off, and walking outside the Hab), and 4) introduction to ATV safety and use
(most crew members practiced ATV operations and driving).

MDRS-144 crew have been assigned three official tasks today from the MDRS director: 1) Cleaning up
and modifying the layout of the “Antarctica pile” and the associated storage platform. Useful
materials were sorted from junk, and the tomorrow the platform will repaired and final materials
sorted; 2) Moving miscellaneous/extra MDRS gear that was scattered nearby the front of the Hab into
the GreenHab (temporarily); and 3) Designing the aforementioned 7th stateroom in the loft. A design
was conceived, and a materials list is being generated.

Without a doubt, a highlight for many of the crew was wearing the EVA suits for the first time and
appreciating today that we are joining in a legacy of other humans who are truly willing to pioneer
new frontiers of knowledge and inspire others to join us as well.