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Engineering Report


Victor Luo


Crew transfer complete.  We are truly alone.

No rats caught today.  Too many humans.

Liquid levels adequate; propane getting low.


ATV3 continues to have hiccups starting up, but workable.  ATV4 dies and fails to start.  Sometimes need to switch over to reserve tank to be able to use again.  I believe this is a known issue.


In an effort to reduce network use, I have devised an internal network share hosted on my laptop.  I set my laptop to a static IP and setup each crew member’s computer (Win+Mac) to be able to attach to my computer as if they were just browsing a different folder.  This has eliminated our dependency on Google Docs and will reduce our dependency on email for sharing and viewing images and documents.  At some point, I’d like to discuss a persistent solution that can used by all crews such as migrating the share to the HAL machine.  This would allow the added benefit of a free archiving service for MDRS.


We are making good progress on the design of our crew task to build the 7th stateroom.  Working on a hardware list and will go on a shopping spree tomorrow.  Woodshop 101 from high school is going to finally pay off.


Last night, I uploaded test 360 scans from outside the hab at dusk (infrared sensors only work in absence of direct sunlight).  You can view the preliminary results here: 


These results are unsatisfactory so I will try again at dawn.  Inside scans should be of no issue so look out for those in days to come.


I have a few purchase requests that we could look for on our hardware shopping trip tomorrow:

           Auxiliary audio cable – current one for the stereo is in bad shape

           Power extension cable – current green one has been reported to overheat on use

           Power strip – I’d like a put a strip up in the attic for the 7th stateroom as well as for the heating vent to prevent the need for us to manually unplug the power cable to turn it off.

           Printer cartridge – HP Ink Cartridge 61


MDRS 144 Statistics


Diesel:            50%

Propane:                      11.5%

Water:             16/40in

Morale:                       Excitable

Weariness:      Still awake

Tony:              I like Tony’s optimism and spirit and will be reporting on his status throughout the sim.  Stay tuned.