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Journalist Report
Susan Jewell


CREWMEMBER 144: “Commander, are we there yet???”

COMMANDER: “… Crew, EDL approximately at 2100 UTC time; make preparations for entry into
Martian Orbit…”

Just another extraordinary day in transit to the Red Planet Mars from Mother Earth in our
trusty “old faithful” Earth Ascent Vehicle. It has been our home and safety from solar flares
and cosmic radiation during this long, dark and treacherous journey.
The palpable juxtaposition of sheer excitement and anxious anticipation from
Martian Crew 144 team is truly sublime and indescribable. The adventure is about to start for the
“Martian 7 Analog Astronauts” and it will certainly be an unforgettable and life
changing experience for these space-faring travelers and emissaries for humanity.

Meanwhile, crew members had a very productive day prior to departure:
sharing and working together in many planned activities and taking time to cook and eat
together around the iconic multi-purpose table in the upper deck of the hab. During these special
moments of team sharing, we feel the trust and mutual respect developing and the sense of unity
forming over time. As the days pass, we gradually increase the awareness of our human
similarities and tolerance of our multi-cultural differences.

“…Looking forward to another Martian day…we will transmit our telecomms again at the same time
on the Martian soil tomorrow…”

[End of transmission… crew image fades into the distant darkness of infinity.]