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Engineering Report


Victor Luo


Propane/water getting low.  ATVs still rocking (with ATV3 being a little hiccuppy as expected).


Big news of the day is the first crew EVA!  Did my Engineering checks, verified the barnacle and ERV are looking good.  And trash is removed.

Assisted Juho with his geological measurements, which was fun, because I got to hulk smash the ground every few meters or so.


Of course this means we went into sim last night, which means I get to do all the fun engineering tasks with my EVA suit.


I engineered a couple of things last night before sim.  Added a power strip to the heating vent in the back of the attic/loft so that we don’t have to manually disconnect the wires to turn it off.  Also added a power extension cord to the water pump out back so we don’t have to disconnect the power to the pump in order to run the water pump to get more water from the tank to the well.


Pretty tired after my EVA today, so no more funny stories for now.



Diesel:                  50%

Propane:              9%

Water:                 9.5/40in

Water meter:     886369


Morale:                Exploration mode activate

Weariness:          What is this sleep thing

Tony:                    Tony got some natgeo level photos today.  He

also danced outside the airlock while waiting for us to decompress so he is clearly getting better.  At dancing.