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Eva Report


Heidi Beemer

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Objective to collect Soil Moisture transect at two different locations varying in land type in order to add collective knowledge of the geophysics of the surrounding area.


EVA 1 narrative 20141202


The EVA started with an engineering check by Victor Luo. Gregory Leonard and Juho Vehviläinen checked the ATVs and strapped the gear on them.


The decision was made to traverse to the farthest of the two way points first. This was a safety call to ensure that the second data collection site was closer to the hab in case of over exhaustion from the EVA.


We drove to the first site, shrub land cover type, that is about 2.6 km away (distance on the road) from the MDRS hab. Arriving to the site we did a comms check with the hab, however, we did not get a response.

Due to this Victor backtracked to acquire the signal. We learned that at the hab they had heard our radio communication, but we couldn’t hear their answers. It was decided that we would continue the EVA as planned and communicate in regular fashion so that the crew in hab would know our status.


The work at the first site consisted of soil moisture measurements with Thetaprobe ML2x sensor in regular 10 to 30 meter intervals. The measurements were made from the surface.  After the measurements we drove to the second site.


The second site close to the hab consist of barren land cover type .

We did the measurements with a similar procedure as on the first shrub site.


The work on the sites was divided so that Victor Luo did the soil moisture measurements, Juho Vehviläinen wrote down the measurements and Gregory Leonard documented the process using camera.


We returned to the hab, took pictures of the surroundings and checked the Antarctica pile and completed all engineering checks, after which we entered the air lock.


The EVA went well although we had the problems with the comms. We managed to do most of the planned measurements.


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Check In Note One:

At way point 1, the Hab could hear EVA 1 but EVA 1 could not hear the HAB, Victory returned to Way Point 2 to restablish comms. It was decided to continue with mission and reporting movement over the radio and reestablish comms at way point 2 Check In Time Two:


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Check In Note Three:


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Soil Moisture Data collected

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Wp2 Find:

Soil Moisture Data collected

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Wp3 Find:


Wp4 E:


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Waypoint Four Finding:


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