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GreenHab Report


Heidi Beemer

Current Temperature:


Minimum Temperature:


Maximum Temperature:


Current Humidity:


Minimum Humidity:


Maximum Humidity:


Hydro Tank Level:

1/2 tank

Hydro Tank P H:


Hydro Tank Temp F:


Hydro Tank Over Flow:


Plant Report:

Spent some time today replanting lettuce from the wheat grass bench. I split a square of three and replanted then in their own squares.


1/4 of Wheat Grass was harvested for dinner and 1/6 of Alfalfa sprouts.


There are two lettuce squares under the lamp that have second sprouts growing in the square.

Should I also replant them in their own square? what soil is used for those squares, it looks different?



Watering Activity Notes:

Watered through out the day: 0907, 1400, and the soil that was still dry again at 1701


Heater Activity Notes:

Heater was turned off at 0907 and turned back on at 1700 Fan Activity Notes:

The Fan does work! I caught it kicking on a twice today.


What temperature should the fan be set to kick on at?

Hydroponic Time:


Hydroponic Duration:


Hydroponic Kw H:


Led Lamp Time:


Led Lamp Duration:

16 hrs

Led Lamp Kw H:


Maintenance Report:

No issues.


I filled the 12 small cloth bowls in the hydroponics tub with soil today with all lines running into each of the 12 bowls. Hydroponics is now "setup"??


There is now 1/4 soil remaining in the trash can and there are also 4,

5 gallon buckets with soil

under the counter next to the garbage can.

Supplies Request:

None at this time.