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Journalist Report


Victor Luo


What does it mean to be a Martian?  Nobody really knows for sure, but it is our job to find out.  Last night, MDRS Crew 144 took one last breath of fresh air, looked at the clear night sky, and shut ourselves from the earthly world as we know it.  With a click of our heels, we transported ourselves to Mars, and began our adventures on the great and mysterious red planet.


Everyone asks what we would do on our last day on Earth (spend time with our loved ones, eat our favorite foods, and hide in our secret spaces).  But what would we do on our first day on Mars?


This morning, commander Greg, scientist Juho, and engineer Victor set foot outside our new planet for the very first time.  What a great day on Mars.  Clear, sunny, with a hint of red.  After Victor finished up all of the engineering tasks for the day, EVA1 radioed HAB for clearance to depart, and away we went.  We visited two of the science rich sites Juho established on his scouting trip the day before and acquired dielectric constant readings to evaluate the soil moisture in the area.  It’s awesome to learn how areas that look the same to the naked eye have vast differences in the amount of water in the ground.

Perhaps Mars has more water than we think…


In other news, Dr. Susan Jewell introduced us to some general

yoga+meditation procedures so we’ll be starting that bright and early

tomorrow morning.  Hopefully, getting some exercise in our routine will keep our minds at ease as we begin to miss our friends and family back home.


Thanks friends and family for believing in us when everyone else thought we were nuts.  We love you and your continued support.