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Engineering Report
Victor Luo

Note that we used 9 gallons for hydroponics yesterday and used 12
gallons today so they will not be included in the regular water usage
count.  Filled our water well again today.  Could not completely fill,
because we have not enough water in the tank for the pump.  We have
enough water for today, tomorrow, and perhaps the day after, but
please send water soon.  Trash is also getting uncomfortably full.

Three days, three EVAs.  Today’s weather was stable the entire time,
which was a contributing factor to our most successful EVA.  Yusuke
and I engineered up a couple water attachment options for the suit.
I’ve attached a couple of pictures.  We welcome your feedback.

Engineer nap now.

Diesel:                  50%
Propane:              89%
Water:                 3/40in
Water meter:     88752.6
Water usage/person:      30.56L

Morale:                In the zone
Weariness:          3 EVAs in a row? NBD.
Tony:                    Did you know Tony speaks Portuguese, English,
Italian, French, and Spanish?  This guy.