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GreenHab Report
Heidi Beemer

Current Temperature:
Minimum Temperature:
Maximum Temperature:
Current Humidity:
Minimum Humidity:
Maximum Humidity:
Hydro Tank Level:
1 in
Hydro Tank P H

Hydro Tank Temp F:

Hydro Tank Over Flow:
14 gallons
Plant Report:

Well it is done. 36 plants are planted in the hydroponics tank and
another 35 are planted in

four orange planters. I repeated the set up from yesterday this
morning at 1000. I put 8 gal of

water in the tank and mixed the solutions in. I then added an
additional 3 gallons. It took

about 3 mins for the water to get danger low. I cut it off and let the
soil sit for three

hours. At 1330 I returned and planted the first 36 plants. I took the
strongest looking plants

and planted them in the bags. I let the water remaining run though the
hydroponics system and

even tilted the reserve towards the pump to allow for more water to
filter through this lasted

maybe 1.5 mins. There is about 1 in remaining in the tub now. The
remaining plants I put in the

four planters. They are a little cramped but I think they will be
fine. There were only two

empty planters in the green house and I found four empty ones tucked
in a corner of the zen

garden so I barrowed two. I watered the old soil a few times and let
it sit and used a squirt

bottle to moisten the soil before putting in each cube. Plants seem happy.

Watering Activity Notes:

Watered through out the say. See above. For duration and times.

I am a little confused on how the hydroponics will work. Right now it
takes about 12 gals of

water and with in mins spits out a dirty 12 gals of water. Is this how
the plants will be watered

from here out? That’s a lot of water considering most of it is wasted.
Is this ever gong to

become a closed loop system where we can retain the water? This
current system just does not seem

practical for a simulation where conserving water is important. Also
with only the hab tank full

of water I most likely will not be able to spare another 12 gallons of
water until we get the

trailer filled, or in a day or two. But for now the plants are happy.

Heater Activity Notes:

On from 1700-0900

Fan Activity Notes:

Chilly day, no fan activity

Hydroponic Time:

1035-1037, 1405-1406

Hydroponic Duration:

3 mins

Hydroponic Kw H:

Led Lamp Time:


Led Lamp Duration:

16 hrs

Led Lamp Kw H:

Maintenance Report:

I found a funnel in a bin and cut some tubing to make a path for dirty
water to travel. I can now

change out the buckets in front instead of having to crawl under the
table to get to over flowing

buckets. It is working well.

There is only one UFO/ red light. It is currently directly over the
four planters. Would you

rather me move it over the hydro tank or leave it where it is? The
light is pretty bright and al

plants will benefit from it where ever it is.

Supplies Request: