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Engineering Report


Victor Luo

Yay, our prayers are answered.  No need to sacrifice anyone.  Water shipment has arrived and our tower of trash has been removed.

I conducted my fourth EVA with great success.  I did more outdoor scans with my sensor package but have diminishing hope that it will work well outdoors.  The sun interferes with the beams my sensor emits.

ATV2’s left hand brake and foot brake are often weak so I would recommend using the right hand brake as the primary.

Construction has officially begun on the 7th stateroom.


Diesel:                  40%

Propane:              80%

Water:                 35/40in

Water meter:     88859.3

Water usage/person:      23.99L


Morale:                Ambitious and success oriented

Weariness:          Food comas and regular bowel movements

Tony:                    We look forward to seeing Tony’s happy face

after every EVA.  His smile is the cherry on top.