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Engineeting Eva 1 Plan Request


Juho   and Antonio de  Morais Teles


Point0 Away:  0

Point0 East:  0518230

Point0 North:  4250720


Purpose0:  home

Point1 Away: 

Point1 East:   0518199

Point1 North:  4250684


Purpose1:  We gathered 2 long pvc pipes at the barn field and to observe the

                      immediate surroundings of the HAB, the observatory and the

                      GreenHAB and saw that everything was OK.

Eva Number:  Engineering EVA 1

Go Rogue:  no

Route Change:

Lead Name:  Juho        Suit Num One:  1          Atv Num One:

Navi Name:  Antonio         Suit Num Two:  2      Atv Num Two:



Depart Time:  14:52


Arrival Time:  15:11



Eva Report


Yusuke Murakami

Eva Number:


Eva Date:


Time Slot:



The purpose of this EVA is to find points where extra-terrestrial life could exist. These points were preselected by Japanese kids, based on meteorological and topographical prediction. EVA route is RS003, then RS001, then RS002 via ATV.


On each site, the crew made careful observations and surveyed natural features of the area around the points in more detail. We used a photogrammetry system for topographical field survey; it is composed of a single-lens reflex camera, a tripod, and a spherical panoramic tripod head, and takes at least 8 photos in each of the selected-points. We counted up plants and animals in a 1x1 square meter, and also took soil samples for IVA.


The EVA started with an engineering check by Heidi Beemer. Yusuke Murakami checked the ATVs and strapped the gear on them. Victor Luo attempted to scan a 3D model of the Hab using a sensor package.


We headed to RS003 waypoint via ATV, and then via walking, but undulation of the trail meant access to the point was violently tougher than we assumed from the topographic map. We completed observations on RS003 and started moving to RS001. But since the undulation is much harder than from ATV to RS003, we took much time than we expected. So we gave up on RS002 today before the time ran out.


These waypoints were preselected by Japanese kids using meteorological and topographical prediction just like NASA and they searched using satellite map on Mars. Learning from this EVA, a real field is much different and various from virtual world. Today’s EVA story is good experience for the kids, and also for us.


In addition, we had a couple of video cameras strapped to our helmets and got good documentation of the adventures.

Eva Depart Time:


Check In Time One:


Check In One E:


Check In One N:


Check In Note One:

Arrived at RS003

Check In Time Two:


Check In East Two:


Check In Note Two:

Arrived at RS001

Check In Time Three:


Check In East Three:


Check In North Three:


Check In Note Three:

Arrived at Hab, engineering work

Check In Time Four:


Check In East Four:


Check In North Four:


Check In Note Four:


Eva Return Time:


Wp1 E:


Wp1 N:


Waypoint1arrive Time:


Eva W P1depart Time:


Wp1 Find:

Extra Terrestrial

Wp2 E:


Wp2 N:


Eva W P2arrive Time:


Eva W P2depart Time:


Wp2 Find:

Extra Terrestrial

Wp3 E:


Wp3 N:


Eva W P3arrive Time:


Eva W P3depart Time:


Wp3 Find:


Wp4 E:


Wp4 N:


Eva W P4arrive Time:


Eva W P4depart Time:


Waypoint Four Finding:


Waypoint Five Easting:


Waypoint Five Northing:


Waypoint Five Arrive Time:


Waypoint Five Depart Time:


Waypoint Five Findings: