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Journalist Report


Victor Luo


I miss YouTube and Netflix and Amazon.com I miss watermelon and fried chicken and drinking underneath the sun I miss the fresh air on my face and water between my toes What I wouldn’t give for a fresh change of my clothes

I’ve grown closer to my crew and team, together we are more But sometimes, I think we should see other people, not that you guys are a bore There’s just some immeasurable value in having time alone to snore If only we could sleep-in one of these days, and put off all our chores

The corners of the internet used to be at my fingertips I could browse for hours at a time and never get sick of it But when we tried to find out what happened to Orion EFT-1 Our friendly Martian router told us our megabytes are gone

I have fond memories of being able to go to the market down the street Buy some fresh fruits and vegetables, whatever I want to eat If only we could have butter with our bread, and cheese with well-aged wine If we could order food to be delivered, when we just didn’t have the time

Even with the lack of earthly comforts and limited freedom in the Hab We’ve grown accustomed to the restrictions and have come to embrace the fact That Mars is a harsh environment, a place we must explore And there’s nowhere else we’d rather be, than on Mars with Crew 144