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Science Report


Antonio de Morais Teles


This is my Science Report for EVA 6, in December 7, 2014.

It requires quantitative laboratory analysis in the future.


1)  Qualitative results:


I observed inside a medium-fragile rock at the west-facing wall of the Lizard Canyon, a pattern of white and brown sediments not mixing together, which might indicate a fusion of dunes with layers with different material such as arenite and shale.


2) Quantitative results:


I measured inside the shalow holes I drilled, an average temperature of 7.7 ºC, different by a small value of the average air temperature at that moment, 7 ºC.    I also measured at the Lizard Canyon the radioactivity which had an average of 13 audible clicks (by the Geiger counter) per minute, with a reading of 0.05 mR/h, which is almost negligible.


Other information is in the EVA 6 Report.