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Engineering Report
Victor Luo

Today was a down day so no special EVAs except for my Engineering EVA.
Before we left the Hab, EVA suit 1 had a power issue that we resolved.
The fan wouldn’t turn on, so we opened it up.  Using the multimeter we
brought with us, we verified that the battery was indeed fully
charged.  Then, we checked all of the electrical connections and
realized the fuse was blown.  This was simple to replace and then the
suit was as good as new.  EVA suit 2 also had some issues.  There was
some loose connections in the wiring and its fuse was blown as well.
The backpack portion is in bad condition so we replaced EVA suit 2
with EVA suit 6’s backpack.  EVA suit 2 backpack is now in working
order, but we will leave it as a backup for now.

Continued work on our crew task of constructing the 7th stateroom.
Making good progress.

No rats since our first one.  I’ll chalk it up to us keeping our space clean.

Diesel:                  40%
Propane:              80%
Water:                 27/40in
Water meter:     88972.2
Water usage/person:      28.23L

Morale:                Let’s do all the things!
Weariness:          Fully recharged and ready to roll
Tony:                    Tony has invited all of us to his humble
abode in Brazil.  And I think he means everyone.