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This is a mid-mission supplies and safety report for MDRS Crew 144.
All crew members are healthy and happy and all medical problems have resolved.
Reporting Hab Safety updates:
    - After close inspection of the upper and lower deck there were no
danger spots noted. All carbon monoxide detectors are working fine and
no off-nominal readings noted.
    -  CO or smoke detectors are working fine and batteries are in
good working order.
    -  We need to resupply the surgical face masks and alcohol wipes.
    -  We need new supplies of gloves, isopropyl solution (alcohol)
    -  All the fire extinguishers, CO detectors, rodent traps checked
and working
    -  There are no equipment safety issues; no  frayed electrical
cords or overloaded electrical outlets and no equipment obstructing
fire escape routes or fire extinguishers.
Everything in compliance and no safety or health hazards or risks present
Thank you
HSO Crew 144