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Engineering Report


Victor Luo

The water meter readings are no longer super useful as are bypassing the pump.  Although I will report that we had a record low usage due to the constraints of our water issue.  A new pump is on the way so we will await its arrival.  I suppose the silver lining here is that the commander got a good night’s sleep.

See attached photos for our attempted surgery/resurrection of the pump.

The 7th stateroom is nearing completion.  It is able to support human.

See commander report for more.

I worked on an Engineering handoff checklist, which I have also attached.  Hopefully, this will make the crew transitions run even more smoothly.  Please feel free to provide comments/suggestions.



Diesel:                  30%

Propane:              80%

Water:                 22.5/40in

Water meter:     89067.8

Water usage/person:      12.27L


Morale:                We can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Weariness:          I think at this point it’s less about the

weariness than it is about our smelliness.  What’s three more days of no showering?

Tony:                    Tony got a good night’s sleep in an actual

stateroom last night.  Today, he sang to us in Portuguese.  Tomorrow is anyone’s guess.