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Crew in, crew out.  Just the other day, we were the newbies stepping
into the Mars Desert Research Station for the first time and wondering
how to use the toilet.  Finally, the tables have turned.  In a short
two weeks, I feel like I’ve gone from a stumbling freshmen to a
confident graduating senior.  Although Crew 145 is only composed of
four people, they are well-versed in multiple disciplines and will
wear multiple hats during their rotation.

We are grateful for our time here and the environment that the Mars
Society has created for us.  I think I speak for all of Crew 144 when
I say it’s been quite a ride and we’ll never forget each other.  We
wish the following crew the best of luck and hope they are every bit
as absorbed in the experience as we were.

Michal Czapski is going to take over as Journalist for Crew 145.  He
is a talented physicist from Poland and has worked for the amazing
CERN facility.  Michal will assume the voice of MDRS from here on out.

The commandership of the Crew 145 will be given to Dr. Susan Jewell
who was the Health and Safety Officer for Crew 144, in that way Susan
will spend another 2 weeks at MDRS. Crew 145 is excited about the
upcoming mission and happily exchanged thoughts and experiences with
the former crew. Have a safe trip back home, Crew 144.