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Mission Statement

We are a crew of seven interdisciplinary and intercultural Mars analog
astronauts whose common bond is their desire to expedite humans to
Mars exploration and future settlement.

We are gaining insight living and working in the physical, social, and
psychological confines of an immersive mission simulation; this
includes evaluating our capacity to conduct scientific experiments and
designing experiences to coalesce our collaborative creativity.

We are committed to inspiring others to appreciate the necessity and
rewards of human exploration and expand humanity beyond Earth’s


We will apply multi-sensor ground and space-based observations to
investigate the geophysical and biophysical characteristics of an
ancient Mars-like sedimentary rock sequence and identify protocols
applicable to continued exploration at FMARS.

The crew will conduct a psychological study to establish the utility
and viability of mindfulness meditation and yoga as a stress
management tool in long duration space missions where astronauts will
have to maintain a high level to mental resilience in a confined and
isolated space.

With the 360o imagery and 3D datasets acquired from our time here, we
will allow current and next generation of explorers to share in the
experience of being on Mars as if they were here.

Additionally, we have the privilege of organizing and retrofitting the
Antarctic pile and designing and constructing the 7th stateroom for
future crews to come.

We will continue to respect the facilities and each other as we spend
our precious time here at the Mars Desert Research Station.