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Replaced pump. Primed, dripped out, flushed air out. Works well; a
little noisy right now because I want to be able to hear it, will
build enclosure later.

Found 2v difference between electrical ground and plumbing @ pump,
added ground patch cable, should make the pump last longer

Built local FTP server out of scrap android phone, for internal use.
Please tell me if you want it solar powered or not.

Set up bots and laser, minimal damage in transit, will fix.


Liquid levels:

Diesel:                    25% (No visible change)
Propane:                80% (No visible change)
Water downstairs: 17.0/40in
Water upstairs:      36, was 42 when pump fixed - had to refill the
pipes & toilet, plus the shower was on when I reconnected the system
so we lost a bit of water there.