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EVA report

Packs on EVA: 1 and 4
Helmets: 1 and 4 (I'm rematching them)
People: Michal, Matteo

Waypoints visited:

Engineering area
Waypoint 87
Waypoint 89

Timeline:       11:05   Left airlock                    Hab
                11:10   Engineering done                Engi yard
                11:16   EVA departs                     Hab
                11:20   Arived at fluvial channel       Wp 87
                11:22   Note: Meter stick is 1m long    Wp 87
                11:25   Drone good to go                Wp 87
                11:33   Michal climbs lil hill for pics Wp 87
                11:38   Michal takes panoramic          Wp 87
                11:41   PH values at site taken         Wp 87
                12:05   Moved to new site; sensor vals  Wp 89
                12:08   Note: Meter stick is 50cm long  Wp 89
                12:14   ph=6.9 h=0 out of canal         Wp 89
                12:14   ph=6.8 h=0 side of canal        Wp 89
                12:26   EVA returns to Airlock          Hab
                12:34   Recompression complete          Hab

Report compiled by Julielynn (HabCom) and typed by Matteo

Matteo's note: Flight times for the drone were not recorded in
the EVA log. Both hands are needed to fly, so I can't talk with
the drone in the air. Flying a small quadcopter outside with gloves
on is hard; any future drone pilots are advised to try that in a
safe-for-quadcopters area first!

Michal was carrying the camera, so I (Matteo) had the shovel and the bag.
The controller doubles as a camera and charger for the drone now.

An attempt to leave the drone to solar charge over the afternoon
was aborted because I failed at retrieving the SD card with the
gloves. Will adapt equipment accordingly (yay live testing!)

WP87    RMS 1 12 S 518167 4250943
WP89    RMS 2 12 S 518174 4250986