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Science Report

Today Metteo and I did the first EVA related to geology study. The main purpose of this study was to identify all the difficulties related to the scouting exploration methodology study ( SEMS) as well as test the UAV capability in providing aerial view. We worked on two waypoints:
RMS 1 12 S 518167 4250943
RMS 2 12 S 518174 4250986,
close to the Hab which were located on the fluvial channel. We did the documentation of each site, taking regular pictures, panoramic pictures with an iphone app, we collected a few samples, and we checked humidity and pH. The pH of sites was slightly acidic (6.5 - 6.9) and the hydrometer didn’t move which requires further study. The last part of our study was testing the UAV scouting capability. Even though operating in gloves seemed challenging, the UAV took off and was suspended above the ground for a longer while, enough to collect an aerial video. After return to the base we checked the videos, which appeared to be blurry. After the UAV check-up it appeared that after the first landing some dust got to the mirror.