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Engineering report Dec 18

Liquid Levels:

Gas 24%
Propane 78 (higher than yesterday; expansion due to heat?)
Water trailer 26cm (10.4in, getting low)
Water well 15cm
Water upstairs full

We are low on water on the trailer, although not in the hab, and the
trash bags are full.


Built harness for dummy for medical EVA testing

Piloted stretcher rover carrying above, for same

Adjusted stretcher rover for more testing tomorrow (worked almost
perfectly! yay!)

Finished matching helmets to packs properly, shouldn't have more
issues with air hoses

Printed and finished elbow joint for repairing EVA pack hose. Fits and works!

Designed and printed handle to turn a safety razor into a scalpel
(misprint, will redo later)

Assisted Susan with EEG work (repair, then testing)

Documented fuse remanufacturing at

Did dishes

Confirmed that there is 1 5amp fuse left. Found where the problem is
(intermittent short in eva pack charger #1, will fix properly ASAP).

Possible issue with one of the headphones (intermittent), has been
repaired before, should I open it up again? The radio is fine, that
pair of headphones is acting up.