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Today’s yoga session was conducted by the crew scientist Michal, after which the female crew members prepared for their first EVA this week EVA. The goal of this EVA was to conduct a search and rescue of an injured astronaut. The entire Crew 145 participated in this project. Susan and Julielynn took the astronaut mannequin, named Igor, outside the Hab. They also took the rover with stretchers. After Michal (the HabCOM) received a message that there was an injured astronaut needed help, the EVA team went for a rescue accompanied by a rover carrying a stretcher driven remotely by the crew engineer in the Hab. The EVA was deemed a success and Igor was found and brought safe back to the Hab. After this exhausting task, Michal and Julielynn tried to catch up some sleep, while Susan and Matteo worked on EEG helmets.