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Commander Report
Mars Log: 2014.12.19

Well, our visitors from Jupiter arrived quite early but the crew was
ready and prepared to receive these curious Jupiterians. They enjoyed
the recompression protocoI in the airlock before entering the Hab. I
have to say that I am impressed with  crew 145 for maintaining
simulation throughout the day.

We conducted the retesting of the medical EVA and a second geological
terrain scouting with crew Michal while Julielynn was responsible for
Capcom and Matteo the robotic engineer piloted the rover from inside
the Hab. It was our first ATV EVA during this expedition and we
enjoyed the experience.

The production crew filmed many of our projects including the simple
surgical debridement and suturing procedure which is part of the
training study protocol for non-medical trained crew members. Our crew
engineer, Matteo performed the surgery and executed the procedures
perfectly with minimal instructions. We incorporated the 3D printed
scalpel into the surgery procotol. Julielynn demonstrated the 3D
printer technology and took care of the greenhab duties.

All in all it was an enjoyable day for the crew on Mars. Here’s to
another day on Mars!

Ad Astra!