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Journalist Report
Michal Czapski

Big day for the Crew 145! Visitors from another planet came to visit the Hab. Jupiterian film production crew landed safely on
the Red Planet and was welcomed by the team from Mars. After warm greetings, the crew prepared for the EVA to show the
scouting and search and rescue capabilities to the visitors. It seems like Jupiterians are far more used to the harsh martian
environment as they managed to survive outside without a spacesuit.  First, Michal and Susan, the EVA team, saved injured
astronaut, Igor, and brought him back safely on the rover back to the Hab. Later, they tasted two UAVs for scouting. As Igor
still needed help, he was subjected to immediate surgery of the lower right leg, performed by Susan, assisted by Matteo. The
patient survived! Julielynn presented the GreenHab and thought the film team about 3D printing. The day ended with an
interplanetary dinner together with the Jupiterian crew.