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Commander Report
Susan Jewel

Hello Earthlings! Here’s to another day on the Red Planet. I cannot
believe we have been living here for nearly a week. The time does fly
by so fast here. It has been quite busy with multiple activities. The
Jupiterians (aka film production crew) left early today after a
successful documentary filming about the lives of four zany but
passionate analog astronauts. It was refreshing to welcome the
visitors but we were also happy to have our space to ourselves again.
Michal and Matteo went on another successful EVA to retest the rovers
and UAV for terrain mapping and scouting. They manage to take some
great aerial shots and videos of the Martian terrain from the UAV
It was a relaxing afternoon and some crew members decided to take
power naps and catch up on much needed sleep. Matteo and I looked at
the EEG headsets and worked on collecting some data for the meditation
and yoga. It was a fun afternoon as Matteo, Michal and I decided to
start the space helmet paper mache project today. We will update with
pictures when it is completed.
Well, time to say goodnight as I will make my way to the lab to catch
“Charlie” our Martian mouse. It’s always fun on Mars!!!